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We offer Full Service Moving, Loading / Unloading and other moving services in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee. We will ALWAYS go the extra mile to satisfy your moving requirements. To see a full breakdown of our services, costs and areas of service, visit our Services page.

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testimonials for General Moving Services

Customer Reviews

The best way to learn about how we do business is to listen to what our customers say. We treat every customer as if they were family. Click the link below to see our customer testimonials.

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BBB Accredited - General Moving Services

BBB Accredited

We are Better Business Bureau Accredited, in good standing.

BBB Accredited - General Moving Services

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Here are some things some recent customers have said about our moving services...

Neat and clean...very careful with our items..recommend this company

Marylin N  - moved on 08-08-2014

Right on time..worked 13 hours to move our belongings..great job

G. Manion  - moved on 08-04-2014

Call this company for best move ever..

David Wayne  - moved on 07-29-2014

Wow...what great guys..highly and on time..

Misty Meadows  - moved on 07-18-2014

Best of the best....hire them for your move...

Margo K.  - moved on 07-10-2014

Hard workers, very polite...highly recommend

Margaret M  - moved on 06-29-2014

Thank you for your hard work. I know everything was very heavy...will use again

Renee Blackwell  - moved on 06-24-2014

3rd time we used the General.....fantastic as always...reasonable

Russ Earl  - moved on 06-16-2014

Wow, what a great job.....on time, neat, clean and fast

Darla McGuire  - moved on 06-10-2014

Thanks, Great job....recommend

Jimmy D.  - moved on 05-23-2014

Thanks for your help...will use again if I have to move again..Thanks

Brenda S.  - moved on 05-06-2014

Short notice move...did a super job...very reasonable

Margo J,  - moved on 04-27-2014

Best of the them for a great move

Jimmy J.  - moved on 04-20-2014

Thanks for a very good job.....

Buford F  - moved on 04-15-2014

Who, what good movers...highly recommend...

Jonathan  - moved on 04-10-2014

Thanks for a great job...

Marsha Miller  - moved on 03-30-2014

Quick and clean....great move...priced better than any other quotes..Thank you

Marcel R.  - moved on 03-22-2014

Matt and Joe were great...Thanks

Debbie R.  - moved on 03-18-2014

Long distance mover...very professional...good price

Jerimiah K  - moved on 03-11-2014

Thank you for a very professional reasonable move

Martha  - moved on 02-28-2014

No charge for the extra stop, perfect move...

Robert D.  - moved on 02-23-2014

Thank you for a very good careful move

Billy B.  - moved on 02-19-2014

Best movers we ever used....long distance..Fantastic guys

Monyica M.  - moved on 02-13-2014

Thank you, right on time, very careful with our antiques..Thanks

Jasmine V.  - moved on 02-07-2014

Wow, best movers ever....great pricing....Thank you so much

Gillian D.  - moved on 01-26-2014

On time, very pleasant movers, no damage and very good price..recommend

Margo Mayfield  - moved on 01-23-2014

Thank you for your hard work....will use again, very nice guys

Rafel H  - moved on 01-17-2014

The best movers will not be dissapointed...reasonable prices..on time...neat and clean

Drew H.  - moved on 01-13-2014

Thanks for a great job....would use again

James M.  - moved on 01-13-2014

Military move...very professional....great rates

Doug Marshall  - moved on 01-06-2014

Great movers...highly recommend

David Drew  - moved on 01-03-2014

Thank you for your professional move....recommend highly

Megan F.  - moved on 12-30-2013

Moved us day before extra charges..Great company..very professional

Carol S.  - moved on 12-24-2013

Worked us in on short notice....Very efficent....recommend...

Cheryl M  - moved on 12-18-2013

Thank you...very reasonable...highly recommend

Tristin W.  - moved on 12-13-2013

2nd time using...Great job BBB certified..

Martha Miller  - moved on 12-06-2013

Moved us on Thanksgiving...No extra charge..Thank you. Great Job

Marvis D.  - moved on 11-29-2013

GREAT JOB...Matt and Joe are extrordinary...

MTM  - moved on 11-19-2013

Thanks for a quick reasonable move

Mike C.  - moved on 11-16-2013

Moved items from storage unit to my home...very quick and professional

Ruthie E  - moved on 11-12-2013

Short notice move...they bdid a awesome job...very reasonable

Rafel Gonzales  - moved on 11-09-2013

No tricks here on this Halloween...great move, great company..Thanks Joe and Matt

James F.  - moved on 10-31-2013

Thank you for a fast efficent move..Neat and clean

Maria Hobbs  - moved on 10-28-2013

Quick move on short them they are the best

Joseph Rose  - moved on 10-22-2013

Thank you General Moving for a great job..

Toby V  - moved on 10-13-2013

Thanks Matt and Joe for a great job....very reasonable...Highly recommend

Merle Davidson  - moved on 10-08-2013

Short notice move....did a great job

Marla I.  - moved on 09-18-2013

Thanks, on time, worked hard....appreciate your guys

Jimmy Johns  - moved on 09-13-2013

Good job, appreciate your hard work

Renee F.  - moved on 09-09-2013

Perfect...very reasonable

Bobby H  - moved on 08-27-2013

Matt and Joe are very good movers..would use again

Mary Ann  - moved on 08-19-2013

Highly recommend, very professional...hard workers..

Quincey W.  - moved on 08-13-2013

Matt and Joe were terrific...Thanks

Mildred Mane  - moved on 08-09-2013

Thank you for a great job.....

Misty R  - moved on 08-09-2013

Thank you, very neat and clean and VERY REASONABLE

Margaret M.  - moved on 08-03-2013

Thanks, on time and great movers...

Victor C..  - moved on 07-27-2013

Thank you for your hard work...Highly recommend

Pam Hoyt  - moved on 07-22-2013

3rd time we have used General Moving always, great workers, careful and neat

Lynn B.  - moved on 07-16-2013

Great Job....A few minutes late, but did a super job..Thanks

Robert D.  - moved on 07-15-2013

Thank you, would use again, clean and neat equipment and careful workers..Thanks

Mary Mosley  - moved on 07-08-2013

Moved us on the 4th with no extra charge.....great company..

Pablo W.  - moved on 07-04-2013

Thanks Matt and Joe...very hard workers...did a fantastic job....

Renee Morris  - moved on 06-30-2013

Matt and Joe are the best...thank you..will recommend

Debbie Dorchester  - moved on 06-23-2013

Best movers we ever used..thanks a lot

Mike Manson  - moved on 06-15-2013

Thank you...very nice move..reasonable

Martha W.  - moved on 06-12-2013

Very satisfied....good experienced movers...highly recommend

Mr. Harrison  - moved on 06-08-2013

Thank you, thank you....hard workers..

Molly R  - moved on 06-04-2013

Just finished...Had one small item damaged...The company gave us a immediate credit...I am impressed

Mike  - moved on 05-28-2013

Thank you...worth every dime we paid...

Macy T  - moved on 05-26-2013

Thanks for your good work...well done

Jane Rose  - moved on 05-21-2013

Thank you for a very good job...reasonable

Missy Morgan  - moved on 05-15-2013

Wow...Good guys, worked hard for 13 damage...Thank you

Jackson Marshall  - moved on 05-13-2013

Great job Matt and Joe....Thanks

Marlene S.  - moved on 05-10-2013

Good job..I like the way this company does their big surpizes...Very Very reasonable...Monyica is very on top of whats going on and explained everything in detail...They use gps and mapquest so we all know the exact mileage traveled....The best of the Best. They are licensed, have very clean and neat equipment....Highly recomend...

Bette  - moved on 05-02-2013

Thank you...good job...Fair prices

Marsha and Jim H.  - moved on 04-26-2013

Great job...Matt and Joe worked really hard....Thank you

Julie W.  - moved on 04-21-2013

Hard move....Matt and Joe were great

Ralph Kiekendal  - moved on 04-15-2013

Thank you for your professional move...great job...called 4 movers, you were the most professional...Monyica was great to work with

M. Benson  - moved on 04-14-2013

Thank you for a great job...Matt and Joe were awesome.....

Scotty W.  - moved on 04-11-2013

Very long day for these movers....did an outstanding job..recommend

Paula E.  - moved on 04-08-2013

Great Company.....neat, polite and professional....

Marsha Moore  - moved on 04-02-2013

WOW...Best movers we ever used...very hard workers Thank you

Misty H  - moved on 03-25-2013

Hard workers.....Will recommend

Tommy T.  - moved on 03-14-2013

On time...neat and clean....Thanks

Tommy Butler  - moved on 03-09-2013

Thank you Matt and Ryan....Good Job

Marggie  - moved on 03-02-2013

Short notice move....Very good job..Thanks

Bonnie Bushea  - moved on 02-24-2013

Nice work...fair prices...will use for our next move

Jimmy R  - moved on 02-18-2013

Perfect...will recommend

Brandon H.  - moved on 02-06-2013

Great job...thanks..on time...

Peter Johnson  - moved on 01-26-2013

Matt and Ryan are fantastic...great job....reasonable

Marlene P.  - moved on 01-23-2013

Had to move on very short notice..they were right there....reasonable...Best movers I ever used..

Julie K.  - moved on 01-18-2013


Stan R.  - moved on 01-16-2013

Thank you...No problems..on time...hard workers......recommend

Maggie  - moved on 01-10-2013

Thanks, Good job...great guys

Angie A.  - moved on 01-08-2013

Thanks....Will recommend..Very reasonable

M. Mayberry  - moved on 01-03-2013

Moved us on Christmas...No extra charge..Reasonable...hard woring guys..Thanks

Bob Boles  - moved on 12-24-2012

Thanks for a great job....very professional....

Maggie  - moved on 12-20-2012

Great job, on time and reasonable

Marsha Moore  - moved on 12-18-2012

Matt and Ryan were excellent...Great company....

Megan T.  - moved on 12-12-2012 many marginal companies out there...good to do business with professionals...Super good job...Thank you

Marsha Mays  - moved on 12-07-2012

Thank you....great job on very short notice

Barney B.  - moved on 11-29-2012

Thank you...great job

Crystal Mcgee  - moved on 11-26-2012

Thank you...Great Job..Will use to move my mother..very reasonable

Maggie Malone  - moved on 11-17-2012

Great Job.....Thanks a lot....All the right credentials, BBB, licensed, insured, neat and clean

Marty W  - moved on 11-11-2012

Very Very reasonable.....hard workers, careful..thanks

James Dupree  - moved on 11-08-2012

Great job Matt and Tristin...thanks

Mary L  - moved on 11-04-2012

Best Halloween present we could have gotten.....very reasonable, professional and on time.....

Harold R.  - moved on 10-31-2012

Very Reasonable and one else was even close to the rates they charge.....highly recommend

Mary Jo Washer  - moved on 10-26-2012

On time and neat...very reasonable...less than 1/2 the competition...

Margo W.  - moved on 10-21-2012

Thank you, Great job

Judith  - moved on 10-18-2012

Thank you, Great workers

Raela O  - moved on 10-11-2012

Thank you so much.....Neat and clean...very professional

Scotty Smith  - moved on 10-08-2012

General is the best mover ever...great job

Misty  - moved on 10-03-2012

On time, careful, reasonable..Recommend

Kristin  - moved on 09-27-2012

Grat Job....on time, neat and clean

Jamar  - moved on 09-20-2012

Thank you so much Matt and Tristin were so nice and helpful. I will recommend you. The best move I have ever had

Martha  - moved on 09-16-2012

Who...I am impressed...Best rates ever

laureen Works  - moved on 09-12-2012

Thanks...Good Job

Marsha  - moved on 09-09-2012

2nd time we used them....Thank you again for a great job

Billy Parks  - moved on 09-05-2012

Thank you...would use again..on time...clean and neat

Marcus Lee  - moved on 09-02-2012

Referred by lady we bought our home from...Perfect move ... very pleased ..highly recommend

M. Beck  - moved on 08-30-2012

Very high marks.....very reasonable - no damage - recommended them to people that purchased my home

Gloria J  - moved on 08-25-2012

2nd time we used General...Perfect again

Johnny Johnson  - moved on 08-20-2012

Good job, on time..appreciate your hard work

Matthew Parks  - moved on 08-14-2012

Thank you so much..Matt and Tristen did a fabulous job

Marylin B  - moved on 08-11-2012

Very high marks for Matt and Tristin

Gloria  - moved on 08-09-2012

Helped us on Sunday, no extra charge for weekend...

Jackson Y.  - moved on 08-05-2012

Thank you...cost effective

Mildred Workman  - moved on 07-26-2012

Long Move - Very good price, would use again

Arnie W.  - moved on 07-19-2012

They fit us in even though they were booked..Thank you

Dan Moore  - moved on 07-17-2012

Neat and clean..would recommend

Shana R.  - moved on 07-13-2012

Thank you very much....Matt and Cody are great

Jimmy  - moved on 07-10-2012

Helped me on the 4th......No extra charge for Holiday

Scott Smith  - moved on 07-04-2012

Short notice...Matt and Cody did a great job

Mary Wise  - moved on 07-03-2012

Good job...I highly recomend

David  - moved on 06-28-2012

Wow, Hard working guys...Matt and Cody are the Best...

Anita Cole  - moved on 06-21-2012

On time...hard workers

Billy G  - moved on 06-16-2012

Thanks Matt and Cody...I will pass the word

Sherry Jones  - moved on 06-11-2012

Thanks...Good job

Marcus  - moved on 06-06-2012

Good job...on time..very reasonable

J. Robinson  - moved on 06-03-2012

Hard working guys...did not even stop for lunch..well worth the $

James Bowling  - moved on 05-29-2012

Cody and Matt were great...Thanks

Marcie  - moved on 05-25-2012

Matt and Cody are Great...Hard work in the heat of the day...Thanks guys

Margie Webner  - moved on 05-22-2012

Thanks, Great job...on time

Kevin H  - moved on 05-18-2012

2nd time with this company....very rates by far

Mary Ireland  - moved on 05-14-2012

Thank you, Thank you...Great job

Marsha  - moved on 05-10-2012

Military move....a few minutes late but did a super job....

Sonny Levere  - moved on 05-05-2012

2nd move with General.....Great as always...

Mary Howard  - moved on 05-04-2012

Thank you very much....we will refer you

Jason Andrews  - moved on 04-30-2012

Best Movers - Best prices out there ... we got 4 quotes and they were way less

Mike M.  - moved on 04-28-2012

Great Job...Thanks

Mike Moore  - moved on 04-21-2012

These movers are the best..Matt and Cody are hard workers

Henery Marshall  - moved on 04-20-2012

Thank you.....Hard job but did get everything where it needed to be.. ...

Maggie E  - moved on 04-15-2012

Very fair prices...hard workers..gave them a good tip

Charles  - moved on 04-13-2012

Thanks for your hard work...very reasonable

T.L.  - moved on 04-12-2012

Thank you Matt and Russ...

Marlene R  - moved on 04-09-2012

Great work...just retired from military...Thanks

Gerald McEtee  - moved on 04-02-2012

Picked up flyer at movers we ever used....Thanks

Jackson  - moved on 03-27-2012

Matt and Russ were outstanding...Thanks guys....very reasonable rates

Missy R.  - moved on 03-21-2012

3rd time for GMS..Fantastic job, Great rates

Marvin S  - moved on 03-18-2012

Moved me and did a great job......I hired them to mow the lawn for me as well..Matt and Cody are great

Mrs Dotson  - moved on 03-16-2012

Help us with after storm clean up...without a doubt the very best.. Matt and Cody helped us clean up and re-arrange our storage units..Good boys.. Thanks

Johnson  - moved on 03-13-2012

On time..Neat and clean....Reasonable

M. Ware  - moved on 03-08-2012

Thanks...Good job

W. Gifford  - moved on 02-28-2012

Thank you for your hard scratched item..they had it immediately repaired

Elizabeth Marks  - moved on 02-21-2012

Thanks for your hard

Bill W  - moved on 02-17-2012

Quick, Clean and reasonable

Marcus W  - moved on 02-15-2012

Thanks for your hard work..I checked them out on the Better Business Bureau and no negative feedback...

Marci  - moved on 02-11-2012

Moved all the stuff out of garage and then took a load to the transfer station for me..great job and reasonable

Kent  - moved on 02-11-2012

We recently finished a two phase move. Working with the company and our two movers, Cody and Matt, both times was a pleasure. They were on time and very professional. I highly recommend this company.

Rhonda  - moved on 02-08-2012

Good Job.. Thanks

Jerry F  - moved on 02-05-2012

Owner called to make sure everything was going OK. Matt and Cody were great

Lori  - moved on 01-30-2012

Thanks. Right on time...Very nice guys

Roy Grewell  - moved on 01-28-2012

Very careful with our furniture and appliances.

Gearldine  - moved on 01-26-2012

Moved my apartment and unloaded truck....Thanks

Misty  - moved on 01-21-2012

Whole job done in 3 hours...Wow

Mark Stout  - moved on 01-19-2012

I am retired navy vet.....They gave me a very good rate..Thanks

Mike  - moved on 01-15-2012

Really great movers...Matt and Cody worked hard and were very careful with our belongings

Carol Smith  - moved on 01-14-2012

2nd time we used General Moving Services....Highly Recommend

Curt Wester  - moved on 01-10-2012

Packed our stuff very carefully....on time ... very reasonable

Donald  - moved on 01-09-2012

Thank You...very careful

Ava  - moved on 01-06-2012

Moved us on New Years day...very good rates...thans

Mark  - moved on 01-02-2012

On time, very careful with our furniture...price was right...

Jerry Lundel  - moved on 12-27-2011

Wow..Best movers we ever used

Jimmy H  - moved on 12-22-2011

Just what we needed...Matt and Cody are the best.

Pam Vitas  - moved on 12-18-2011


Rayella  - moved on 12-17-2011

On time...I appreciate your good work

Mr. Corbery  - moved on 12-15-2011

Nice guys, good job

Jim Bartling  - moved on 12-13-2011

Thanks, very happy

Donna  - moved on 12-10-2011

Good job, Have another truck coming from Texas, would like same guys

Rick  - moved on 12-08-2011

Ran out of bubble wrap, but used blankets with no damage...Thanks

Romney  - moved on 12-04-2011

Helped us with very short notice.....

Jonathan  - moved on 12-02-2011

Thank you, A little late, but did a good job

Martha  - moved on 11-30-2011

Hard workers...Thanks

Stewart N.  - moved on 11-25-2011

Thank you..Great job Matt & Cody

Margaret  - moved on 11-22-2011

We had a long hard move. The movers put in a 15 hour day and did a great job. We have already recommended you

Marshall W.  - moved on 11-20-2011

Thanks, Matt and Cody were great

James  - moved on 11-16-2011

On time and great job

Marylin  - moved on 11-11-2011

Thank you so much, those young men busted their butts in some lousy weather. Hope they get a big Christmas bonus, they deserve it ;)

Steve  - moved on 11-10-2011

On time...nice equipment

Lynn  - moved on 10-31-2011

Thank you so much...very reasonable

Patti  - moved on 10-21-2011

Fantastic Job.....Thanks Bill F.

Bill  - moved on 10-18-2011

Moved 2 homes for us....Excellent job, very reasonable prices, no damage

Barbara Brown  - moved on 10-13-2011

Quick, Clean, Careful, Reasonable...I recommend

Ron  - moved on 09-29-2011

Your movers were very professional. We are very satisfied.

Derrick  - moved on 09-28-2011

2nd time we used general moving. Great job again. "Thanks"

Collette  - moved on 09-16-2011

Forgot additional moving blankets. Owner brought them immediately. Great job.

Dave  - moved on 09-12-2011

Very good job, thanks. Great rates

Marylin  - moved on 09-08-2011

On time, quick, careful and polite

Steve  - moved on 09-05-2011

We lived in a 2nd level apartment and General Moving Services employees were very careful moving our furniture down the stairs to the truck. No damage. Good job. Thanks PS. Very reasonable

Robert  - moved on 09-02-2011

We had a small move. It was quick and orderly. Very fair pricing .. Thanks, Dann

Dann  - moved on 08-31-2011

WOW! Great job and very cost efficient. Neat and on time. I recommend General Moving Services.

James  - moved on 08-29-2011

General Moving Services did a great job for us. They were efficent, careful and very very reasonable. I highly recommend them

Sherry  - moved on 08-27-2011